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Zitate - Weisheiten - Verse - Gedichte - Texte


... ich würde mich freuen wenn du in meine Datenbank deine Lieblingstexte, -verse, -gedichte usw. einträgst ...

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Verfasser:Michael B.
Text:~ Little Bird ~

Everyday we try more and more. But we all get at a point, where we can’t do anything more. At such moments, i sit here, and thing about you. You shining smile and your words. But this is a way we all have to go alone. Sometimes i touched your hand and hope, you will see, what i see. Know, what i know. Feel, what i feel. But my hope is in vain. I’ll see you there, but can’t get to you. I see you fall, but i can’t catch you. Keep smiling, little bird.
Stichwort:bird, little

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