Larval Description Database

Larval Description Database

In the life cycle of water mites the larvae of nearly all species live as ectoparasites on different insect hosts. Only for a small share of the species exists larval descriptions and those are of very different quality. In the present database all genera and species with any kind of description are listed with their respective reference. Additionally remarks on existing figures are made. Only species from the West Palaearctis are included. The construction of this database was financially supported by the foundation PAB
last update 11th Jan 2002

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Feltriaminuta Vitzthum (1941b)
Feltriaminuta Walter (1922c)
Feltriaminuta Efford (1966a)
Feltriarouxi Efford (1966a)
Feltriarubra Schechtel (1910d)
Feltriasetigera Walter (1922a)
Feltriasetigera Viets (1936d)
Feltriasetigera Walter (1922a)
Forelia  Prasad & Cook (1972a)
Forelia  Sparing (1959)
Forelia  Smith, I.M. (1976)
Forelia  Wainstein (1976a)
Forelia  Wainstein (1980)
ForeliabrevipesbrevipesSmith, I.M. (1976)
Forelialiliacea Piersig (1896/99)
Forelialiliacea Smith, I.M. (1976)
Forelialiliacea Sparing (1959)
Forelialiliacea Piersig (1893b)
Forelialiliacea Wainstein (1980)
Foreliavariegator Wainstein (1969)
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