History of Pharmacy: Digital Books and Image Collections
History of Pharmacy
Digital Books and Image Collections
Subject Name Type Description
Botany Capitulare de villis Book / 1 ca. 800
Botany Classic Herbal Texts Book / Collection Full texts of botany and Materia Medica, predominantly US and England, collected by Henriette Kress
Botany Collection of historic biology books Book / Collection Prepared by Kurt Stüber, Max-Planck-Institut für Züchtungsforschung
Pharmacy Digitale Bibliothek Pharmazie Book / Collection Historic pharmaceutical books, digitized at the university library Braunschweig, mostly after 1800
General Early American Imprints, Series I: Evans, 1639-1800 Book / Collection 36.000 books, pamphlets, broadsides and other imprints listed in the renowned bibliography by Charles Evans. Usage restricted to Germany
General Early English Books Book / Collection 125.000 english books. Usage restricted to Germany. 1450-1800
Pharmacy Heidelberger medizinische Handschriften - digital Book / Collection Medical manuscripts from the Bibliotheca Palatina Heidelberg 1526-1544
Botany Medicinal Plant Images Image / Collection plant images, digitized by Michael Moore, Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, Arizona
Pharmacy Merck's Warenlexikon. 3. Auflage Book / 1 1884
General Projekt Runeberg Book / Collection Collection of works of Scandinavian origin
Chemistry Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry Article / Collection -
Botany Vermont MS.2 Manuscript / 1 Images from an italian herbarium from 1500 1500?
Medicine [Medical Miscellany] Manuscript / Collection Johannitus, Introduction Ad Artem Parvam Galeni; Philaretus, Liber de Pulsibus; Aegidius Corboliensis, De Pulsu; Isaac Judeus, De Dietus Universalibus, de Dietis Particulares, Liber Febrium, Liber Elementorum, Liber Urinarum Translated by Constantinus Africanus, in Latin. Manuscript on Vellum. Paris 1200-1300
Medicine Aulus Cornelius Celsus: De Medicina Book / 1 based on the Latin edition of Friedrich Marx
General Biblioteca della universidad complutense de Madrid: Biblioteca digital Dioscórides Book / Collection Huge collection of digitized books, mostly in spanish or latin. More than 3000 items. Many dealing with materia medica, chemistry, botany.
General Bibliothèque nationale de France Gallica - bibliothèque numérique Book / Collection Huge collection of digitized books on all fields. More than 70.000 objects
Medicine BIUM (Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de Médecine, Paris) Histoire de la médecine Book / Collection 1000 texts, including many classics such as Hippocrates, Galen and other Greek-roman authors
Botany Brunswig, Hieronymus: Distillerbuch der rechten Kunst von Kreutern, Wurtzeln, Blumen Book / 1 1560
General Conrad Gesner: Thierbuch, Vogelbuch, Fischbuch, Schlangenbüch, De Scorpione Book / Collection 1598
Pharmacy Dansk Farmacihistorisk Fond: Danish Picture Bank of the History of Pharmacy Image / Collection 450 Objects in the Danish Collection of the History of Pharmacy at Pharmakon a/s, Hilleröd 2005
Botany Dioscorides et al.: [The Herbal of Pedanius Dioscorides, Isocrates and Galen Manuscript / Collection In Greek. Illustrated Manuscript on Paper Eastern Mediterranean 1400-1500
General Heinrich Zedler: Grosses vollständiges Universallexikon Book / 1 Halle 1732-1754
Botany Hermann A. Köhler: Medizinalpflanzen Book / 1 Pages from Book Hermann A. Köhlers Medizinalpflanzen Gera 1887
General Herzog August Bibliothek: Wolfenbütteler Digitale Bibliothek Book / Collection 3000 historic book from the 15th to the 18th century.
Botany Jacobus Tabernaemontanus: Neuw vollkommentlich Kreuterbuch Book / 1 Frankfurt 1625
Pharmacy Julius Berendes: Die Arzneimittellehre des Dioskurides Book / 1 Scanned text from the German translation by Julius Berendes 1902
Pharmacy Katharina Wicki: Lernkurs zur Geschichte der Pharmazie Book / Online Course Online course history of pharmacy for students at the university Basel 2004
Botany Leonhard Fuchs: Historia stirpium Book / 1 Digital facsimile of Fuchs, Leonhart: Primi de stirpium historia commentariorum tomi vivae imagines Basilea 1545
Botany Macer floridus: De viribus herbarum Book / 1 Paris 1489
Medicine Mansur Ibn Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Al-kashmiri Al-Balkhi: [Tashrih Mansuri] (A Treatise on the Anatomy of the Human Body) Manuscript / 1 Persia 1411
Medicine National Library of Medicine: Images from the History of Medicine Image / Collection Database
General Plinius Secundus: Historia naturalis Book / 1 Digital text based on the latin editon of Karl Mayhoff. 77
Pharmacy R. Thom: A History of Pharmacy in Pictures Image / Collection
Chemistry University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: From Alchemy to Chemistry Book / Collection Title page and samples from historic books on chemistry
Botany Walafried Strabo: Hortulus Image / 1 ca .840

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