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Name:University of Joensu
Postal Address:University of Joensu
Faculty of Forestry
P.O. Box 111
80101 Joensuu
Focal Points:It is possible to take courses from other faculties. Because of foreign students, a lot of the courses at the forestry faculty are in English.

· Baltic Sea Environment
· Ecophysiology of Animals
· Ecophysiology of Plants
· Sustainable Baltic Region
· Pollution and Conservation of Freshwater Ecosystems
· Fish Biology
· Tropical Forestry
· Forest Protection
· Economics of Multiple-Use Forestry
· Harvesting in Developing Countries
· Logging Methods
· Social Forestry
· Forest Products Technology
· Environmental Law and Forests
Language:Finish, English, Swedish
Description:In Joensuu, there are 40’000 citizens and 6’000 students at the university. Town’s atmosphere is friendly. Every year, a lot of exchange students come to university of Joensuu. There are good facilities for using internet.
Local IFSA-Group:Joensuun Metsäylioppilaat ry: joensuun@ifsa.net






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