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Name:Royal Verterinary and Agriculturual University Copenhagen Denmark (KVL)
Postal Address:Bülowsvej 17
DK 1870 Frederiksberg Copenhagen
Focal Points:The forestry studies starts with a year of practice, where you work at a forest district or in a private forest. At interest of foreign students is a interdisciplinary master degree called “Land use in developing countries”, where the lectures are in English.

· Biotechnology
· Use and protection of natural ressources and landscapes
· Assurance of food quality and health diets
· Animal health
· Sustainable plant production and plantuse
· Tropical agriculture
Description:The university is situated in Copenhagen. Apart from Forestry, you can study Agriculture, Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Veterinary. There are some interdisciplinary master degrees. The university has got a sportsclub and a very famous bar. The forest student association has got different commissions (hunting, party, IFSA). Together with the other students-associations, we have rooms at our disposal. Internet access is available and quite good. The computers are situated in the meeting room made for the students.
Local IFSA-Group:Danish Forestry Students Association: copenhagen@ifsa.net






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