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Name:Sumarski Fakultet Sveucilista u Zagreb
Postal Address:Sumarski Fakultet Sveucilista u Zagrebu
Svetosimunska 25
10000 Zagreb
Focal Points:The teaching curriculum and research is conveyed in two Departments within their own Institutes:
Forestry Department:
·Institute of Silviculture
·Institute of Forest Management
·Institute of Forest Exploitation
·Institute of Forest Protection and Hunting
·Institute of Genetics and Dendrology
·Institute of Organization and Forest Economy
·Institute for Forest Research
·Institute for Forestry Education and Work on Experimental Forest
Sites (Zagreb, Zalesina, Lipovljani,Velika, Rab)

Wood Technology Department:
·Institute of Wood Science
·Institute of Manufactured Boards and Chemical Wood Processing
·Institute of Wood Structures and the Technology of Wood Manufacture
·Institute of Production Organization in Wood Industry
·Institute of Mathematics and Technical Basics
·Institute for Wood Industry Research

Description:The Faculty of forestry is situated in Zagreb, capital city of the Republic of Croatia. It has two departments: forestry and wood tehnology which offer many interesting courses. Unfortunately, all activities are conducted in Croatian language and ECTS is just a plan for the future. Hopefully, you'll be able to learn about forests and forestry in Croatia through some of the meetings organized by the local IFSA group!
by Ana Zeljezic (local Student)
Local IFSA-Group:Student Organization of Forestry: sof@hrast.sumfak.hr






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