Da HALLA I.N.C. Lyrics

Da HALLA I.N.C. Lyrics

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Titel:The Game
Text:All right everybody shut up.
Are you ready to play the game?
I said are you ready to play the game?

The game
Playing to survive
Aiming to win any way they can

Pass the ball
Final casting call, first of all verbal basketball
Off the glass smash your jaw, to fast for y'all
You might take a nasty fall
Trying to stick with the prehistoric passenger
(foul ball) ah ref no physical contact, bounce back
Demonstrate invincible bomb raps
Not no hustler no player
Or speaking no crime crap
I'm vocally trying to score before my time lapse

Full court press, hands in your chest
Running cause I'm a rebel with the ghetto connects
No fouls just checks
Make a brother sweat
Work for yours to earn my reject (get it out of here)
Attack from the rear, y'all Niger's ain't nothing but some bitch ass queers
I'll be in your ear, increase the fear, rippen with the shears as the crowd just cheers

Bring on the opposition, cause my position is to shut you down as the basketball pounds on the parquet floor
Invision it moves to freak brothers every which way
Dominating like doc J
Pass me the rock I know just what to do with it
It's real vivid, I pivit threw the lane
Three hundred and sixty peoples behind my back
I'll take your monkey ass to the rack like jerry stack

I'm sought by most recruiters and heavily recommended stroken your best shooter there lower their verbal percentage
Has taken its toll, 24-second clock control, stopen this obstacle impossible
I was the #1 block project inner city prospect
Now that's something that you can believe, So be it
Whether pro or collegiate, the hit but don't miss the primetime the offense, swish

Y'all can't ball, y'all can't ball you ref where's the tech man make the call
The game is getting tight, verbal victories in sight
What counts is what you write, not concerned about the height
My lines go base line so why you trying to take mine
Last man tried just died inside the paint line
I bank rhymes, got a call so I flex
I'm on the foul line with a few verses left
When my flow hits the net, the next brother flex

I plant my foot in the pavement with the brothers were raised with played with and break danced back in the days with and still in the game with 12 points 4 assists
Get up in the game in your face like swish
Crash the boards with medifores in the air like a condor, hey yo what you out for
Hey yo I'm out for the whole score
With 22 seconds for me to wreck, I can't win for losing with this cheating ass ref

My squads supreme so I don't need Clyde or the dream, next time you play the game boy pick a better team, your choice is short, when you on a concrete court but my mental Cohorts about to change the whole sport

Give me the pill boy, what, crossover with the skills
Wrap around pass fly right past your grill
Take off from half court in some J5 shorts
The rap band with demand when my words play sports

Coming through your lane with pure skills so stand clear
Vocal charge is a mirage I still stand here
Dam near, make your shit look soft like Pam Grear fans cheer for the paragraph Bill Lambere

Show me the rock so I can show these fools what I got (he's heating up) fuck that I'm flaming hot, verbally take you to the black top and wreck shop, turn my game up a notch
Pass me the rock

1 on 1, 3 on 3, 5 on 5 horse 21 it really don't matter cause son you'll still get done, yo you should know better than try to barter with this globe trotter, malicious vicious dunks I'm Vince Carter

And it's the high draft pick flashin it head fakes, still can penetrate, slightly over weight, but whatever it takes my shot can elevate no pain no gain for the brothers with no game

it's all over
Interpret:Jurassic 5

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