Da HALLA I.N.C. Lyrics

Da HALLA I.N.C. Lyrics

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Titel:Monkey Bars
Text:Now what do you like the most about this
Conflict Consequence constant evidence
A classic content communicated conference
Weather 5 or 6 weather a number misprint or
If you feel that you've heard it before
And if you thought that you would never hear it no more
You should never doubt when we run it word of mouth
Be concerend about your health

Now you know us but it's not the cold crush
4 mc's so we ain't the furious
not the force mc's or the 3 from treacherous
It's a blast from the past from the moment we bust
From whatever we touch we hope platinum plus
but if our shit go rust
still in god we trust
cause it's the second coming
displaying rhymes so stunning
we keep it running and give a shout out to London
Keep it on, when we perform to the early morn sunset till dawn
I got a word abundance hold pens by the hundreds
Top speed guaranteed we still run it
I be bombastic with my terror tactics why you acting plastic
treating all your fans like fanatics
We be the upper pair coning air tight like tupper wear
Fuck a fear press your luck and beware the brigadier

DJ is spinning the record that make up the music so people can focus whenever the mic has been passed to me

ja ma pel A-K-I-L know to exhale when I inhale
and you can tell when in the crew I do my duty yo
I swung into the studio
J5 make the beat bounce that's what counts with out a doubt
So soup grab the mic and pull the magic out your mouth
We be the king plus rhyme channeling
I can snare anything go ahead
Interpret:Jurassic 5

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