Da HALLA I.N.C. Lyrics

Da HALLA I.N.C. Lyrics

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Text:We are no superstars who wanna be large & forget who we are
Don't judge us by bank accounts & big cars
No matter how bright we shine were far from being stars
Cause stars fall & disintegrate before they hit the asphalt
They incinerate cause we came not to destroy the law
But to fulfill for those who appreciate those wit skills
& fresh wind mills & graph that kills
What is a DJ with out the scratch to fill?
Without the elements it's all irrelevant
Brothers love to freestyle but hate the fellowship

Taste the city agenda
Most of you outta town niggas
Get caught up & turn bitter
The city of bullshitters
Were hopes are blown
Not even money for the phone
Now tell me what's the solution on how to get back home

Don't get caught up in glamour and glitz and camera tricks
The land of the debt before you come examine yo set where drama collects
And women use special effects
Where amateur stunts can make a nigga damage yo fronts

The California sunkist with a twist of lime light
Some set trip on the sunset strip
Believe the hype boulevard nights
The glamorous life
Many searchin for the fame but can't afford the price

(she) Holly would turn you out if you wasn't prepared
(she) Holly would tell you the things that you wanted to hear
(she) Holly would blur ya vision when it once was clear
This chick is full of tricks so approach with fear cause


You say you love LA
You say the weather is great
Plenty sun in your face
You like the cars with bass
You like the way we paper chase & women that shake
In the land of earthquakes & high crime rate
A lot of people are fake
This is Hollywood
We shape the minds of kids in every hood
We make your bad situations look good
The nights filled with suge's and I wish you would

You can dance wit Alvin Ailey
And lay miserab
In this century city-you can walk on stars
Sex money and murder
Yeah it's all fortified
Cause pavement passerbys
Want their names immortalized

The city of angels wings
Represent peoples hopes and dreams
And the evil that men do to live life close to kings
And boast supreme
Fancy cars coats and cream material things
Provoke poor folks to scheme
But if you paid you floss
Cali green made you cough
The smog covers the city like a table clothe
Is it fame at fault
Entertainers labeled soft
The place where people come to lose their train of thought

Despite complains of what LA is and what it ain't
The picture the city paints
That over exaggerates
Within this circus
If you feelin it serve its purpose
Or feelin it ain't worth it
The city that's got you nervous
Then make ya hijra and get up out of here nigga
Cause LA neva considers
For those that need babysitters
This is the hot bed
For singles & newlyweds
That's lookin for better gigs or fiendin to make it big
It's the only place where stars are born
And we are the only ones that can't be worn out
By any place regardless of the cost
Cause niggas wit big dreams
Sometime they get LAUSD

Interpret:Jurassic 5

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