Da HALLA I.N.C. Lyrics

Da HALLA I.N.C. Lyrics

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Titel:Jurass Finish First
Text:Because of cash in a purse
Guns blast then a hearse
A vast universe when the last is the first
The past been a curse
I need some aspirin, a nurse, it's your casket in earth
But why ask when it hurts
A passionate verse or some last minute work
First the human bodies a living mass
Then it's dirt
Puffin grass when it works, a bastard at birth
But at last planet earth
5 Jurass Finish First

Stashed in this verse
Burnin like gas on a torch
Grasped in a thought some don't see pass they front porch
Masked in a smirk
No doubt my class been alert
Verbal splash for your thirst 5 Jurass finish first

Because of crooks in the game
No one is acting the same
Not mentioning no names
Merely passin the blame
Yo ass been in flames
Since the cash went ka-chang
Now you can't stand the rain
When my crew bring the pain
You a masculine myth
Who ill constantly dis
As I bond with the fish
Understand we the 5th
Platoon - hit the dirt
Wish you well - wish you worse
Yo ass been a curse
5-Jurass finish first

Bringin it back from the lost
We have to report
The trash on the chart makin you have to resort
To leaving the record store instead of quenchin your thirst
But at last planet earth 5 Jurass Finish First

Because of fast intercourse
Wife askin divorce
Takin half of your cash
Now you bask in remorse
Turning rap into sport, I've mastered the part
Cause the trash on the chart leaves you gaspin for art
Now if you've mastered the art
I'm askin with force
Tell the masses your thoughts 'til your ass is a corpse
Cuz the glass finna burst
Unfasten yo' purse
Give yo' cash to the clerk 5 Jurass Finish First

Because of tricks of the trade
Some are virtual slaves
A smirk'll get raised
Once the pen hits the page
While ya thoughts are the stage
And perhaps gettin paid
Relaxin in shade time passin in days
I'm searchin for ways to avoid the charade
Cause when voices are laid-choices are made
Be not afraid-people plastic on earth
A verbal blast bout to burst
5-Jurass finish first

Because of passin a torch
Puffin pipes with a boost
You a hype livin loose, with yo' life in a noose
You invite many fools
When you light chemicals night of the living ghouls
Yo' evil makes many bruised

You need to watch what you choose
What you give is what you get
Some are lacking intellect
In their quest for a check
Is it love or respect?
Does the subject get you vexed?
Only four bars to wreck
The situation is perplexed

Plus you in constant pursuit to be the last in the house
Where's yo' wallet
With the wife
Deep stashed in her blouse
Like "With Out a Doubt"
You can catch me on the B side cause the one who wins the war
Is the one wit out pride J-5 make you feel a lical gaseous at first
Martin Lawrence
And yes I make you ask is that lurch
Here to try show lyrical madness that works
Bring yo' cash to the clerk
5 Jurass Finish First!
Interpret:Jurassic 5

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